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4th Century BC 6th Century AD/ 
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The most beautiful pieces from the rich collection of antique gold decorations belonging to the Museum are exhibited here. They were discovered in Odessos, the surroundings and in the antique Marcianopolis. This fact makes them significant proofs for the aesthetic ideas and the material welfare of the population of this region throughout the Antiquity.
 Among the various in form rings, earrings and bracelets attention should be paid to the unique set of a young Thracian woman consisting of a necklace with a bull's head pendant and two earrings miniature statuettes of the goddess of victory Nike. The earrings have been worked out at the end of 4th century or the early 3rd century BC and are the most beautiful jewelry masterpieces of the type.

 Exceptional are the round filigreed earrings found in Odessos, Galata /4th 3rd century BC/, the necklace with an embossed pendant representing Eros and two goddesses /3rd 2nd century BC/, the Thracian fibula and a bracelet from the village of Dolishte.
 A treasure found in Varna /outside the territory of the antique town/ reveals the welfare and the aestheticism of the population in the late Antiquity period 5th 6th century AD. It consists of filigree bracelets embossed with pearls and green enamel, a filigree diadem with pearls, a big cross from a necklace richly decorated with enamel and semi-precious stones, as well as fragments of other gold jewelry.

Besides this treasure testifying to the spreading of Christianity to the same fact testifies the exceptional set of three reliquaries an alabaster, a silver and a gold one dated 4th-5th century AD found in an early Christian basilica in the region of Djanavara, the surroundings of Odessos.
 The finds from an early Christian grave from Marcianopolis a gold fibula, a clasp, a belt buckle and an amulet dated 4th century AD once again confirm the spread of Christianity along the Western Black Sea coast.


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