Revival of the Town Life in Varna /9th century AD/
hall 24
After long lasting wars in 1018 the Bulgarian territories were conquered by Byzantium which put an end to the First Bulgarian kingdom. Then during the first half of the 9th century AD over the ruins of the antique Odessos was put up a town with a fortress under the name of the Old Bulgaria word Varna /which comes from the older Slavonic word "vran",  "vrana", "varn" meaning "black"/. The newborn town was mentioned for the first time by the Byzantine chroniclers in 1034.
During the period of the Byzantine rule /1018 –1185/ Varna turned into a significant port and commercial center. Good evidence for that are the exhibited in the hall amphorae, table utensils with sgraffito or painted decorations imported from Constantinopolis. Ornaments and crosses for holding relics hint that the basic religion of the territories was still Christianity.
The blacksmith's instruments and agricultural tools typical for the 12th – 14th century point to the main occupation of the population.

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