The Old Stone and the Middle Stone Age 
/The Paleolithic and The Mesolithic Age/
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The Old Stone Age and the Middle Stone Age / The Paleolithic and the Mesolithic Age/
Represented are flint artifacts from the period of the Middle Paleolithic /from about 100 000 years ago/ found precipitated in the industrial zone of the town of Devnja. These are the earliest traces of human life in the Varna region. Remnants of human life from the same epoch have been evidenced in a cave to the North of Beloslav station.

The finds from the Mesolithic age /10th –8th Millennium BC/ are the only evidence for the presence of human life at that time in the territory of nowadays Bulgaria. They have been found in the sands at Pobiti Kamani Area about 15 km to the West of Varna. For their finding and collecting tribute should be paid to the Varna Museum collaborator Mr. Ara Margos /1924 – 1990/. In the course of 25 years he has gathered above 12 000 Mesolithic tools and splints. This, in fact, is the biggest collection of Mesolithic finds in the Southeastern Europe.

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