The Stone Copper Age /The Eneolithic Age/
Early Phase /5th Millennium BC/
hall 2

Exhibited are materials from the early Eneolithic Age acquired as a result of investigations during the last 30-40 years. Typical for the Varna region is the small quantity of villages from the period of the New Stone Age /The Neolithic/ - 7th 6th Millennium BC. 

The research work carried out till present points to the fact that life around Varna and the lakes strongly activated only in the period of the Stone Copper age. This becomes obvious mainly from the findings from the studied early Eneolithic villages by the town of Souvorovo /about 30 km to the Northwest of Varna/ and by the villages of Sava and Goljamo Delchevo /now under the waters of the Tsonevo dam lake/.
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Various in form ceramic vessels decorated with engraved lines and encrusted geometric figures or with rich graphite ornamentation make evident the artistry of the ancient potters. Patterns of idol plastics all kinds of human and animal figures - testify to the development of religious notions and beliefs of the prehistoric man.
In a big showcase next to the entrance of the hall are exhibited the finds from graves excavated in the Western part of Varna various ceramic vessels with engraved geometric ornamentation, fine stone and bone tools, decorations made of shells of Mediterranean mollusks. 


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