Mediaeval Treasury
hall 29

The richest collection on the Balkan Peninsula consisting of gold and silver decorations from the 13th – 14th century is arranged here to the attention of the visitors. These are several treasure sets remarkable samples of the mediaeval goldsmith's, and silversmith's trade discovered by the village of Dolishte by Varna. They include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and applications from a special head decoration.
The interlaced bracelets with flat ends are made of high-grade silver.

The earrings are various in form and decoration which is either filigreed or granulated. Among the objects were found the two silver but gold plated charm icons with inscriptions in Greek and with relief depicted images on them of Christ Blessing, St. George and St Theodor Stratilatus.
From the same treasure are the man's belts made of red gold-woven silk with silver and gold-plated applications, buckles and tips decorated with geometrical and floral ornaments and scenes with fabulous and real animals. In two separate showcases are exhibited decorations found at archaeological excavations or by chance in Varna and the surroundings. Of special interest here is the woman's silver belt, the gold interlaced bracelets and the gold seal ring.

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