Odessos during the Roman Rule
/1st 3rd century AD/
hall 14

It was in the winter of the year 72 - 71 BC Odessos was conquered for a short period by the Roman legions. During the second half of the 1st century BC and the early 1st century AD the town remained under the protectorate of the Thracian kingdoms which preserved their independence. It was later in the year 15 AD after the formation of the Roman province Mysia that Odessos was finally included in the realms of the Empire.

 The town preserved its importance as a port, trade, production and cultural center. In the halls are exhibited imported amphorae, ceramics, bronze and glass vessels, lamps, decorations of bronze, agate and amber. Evidence to the broad scope of the trade activities is a pair of scales, a balance, commercial lead seals, a part of an inscription quoting the state prices of goods in the year 301 AD during the reign of Emperor Diocletianus, lead ingots imported from Spain, etc.
 For the everyday life of the citizens of Odessos during 1st 3rd century AD one can judge from the various writing facilities stimuli, ink-holders, a pair of compasses, dice and pieces, a twelve sided lettered die for telling the future and others.

 Local production of the following was developed ceramics, glass vessels, bronze and gold decorations. Well developed was also stone carving tombstones, columns and construction capitals were produced.
 For the cultural and sports life one can judge from the lamps representing theatre masks, a silver statuette of an actor, sports belongings weights for lifting and throwing, bronze scrapers, relieves depicting sport scenes and a tomb stone of an athletic. Special attention was given to the circus and the gladiator fights. Inscriptions on marble serving as 'Posters' for announcing gladiator fights show that the citizens of Odessos were not indifferent to amusements of that kind.  

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