The Varna Eneolithic Necropolis – The Second Phase of the Eneolithic Age /year 4600 – 4200 BC/
hall 5
Hall 5 - 7 The Varna Eneolithic Necropolis
Found by chance during construction works in 1972 in the western industrial part of Varna the Varna Eneolithic Necropolis was under research excavations till 1991 under the direction of Mr. M.Lazarov /1972-1976/ and Mr. I. Ivanov /1972-1991/. It is situated about 500 m to the north of the Varna Lake and about 4 km to the west of downtown Varna.
Studied are 294 graves of three types: graves with skeletons lying in a full straight position on the back, graves with bent skeletons turned to one of the sides and symbolic graves /cenotaphs/.

In Hall 6 is exhibited the whole inventory from some of the most significant graves. On both sides of the entrance are represented the graves with masks of human faces shaped out on spot and appliqued with gold plates. The rich variety of funeral utensils going along with the dead is best illustrated by two of the symbolic graves / No 4 and No 36/. In grave No 4 have been found two unique vessels where the typical for the time decoration of strongly stylized geometrical symbols is fulfilled in golden paint.

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