Varna during the Period of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom
/1190 1389/
hall 25

After the liberation of Bulgaria from the Byzantine yoke for a short period Varna was included into the Bulgaria state by Czar Asen I in 1190. Soon after Byzantium conquered the town again and it was the Bulgarian Czar Kalojan that finally liberated the town and included it into Bulgaria.
Varna was again the main port of Northern Bulgaria. Substantial was the invigoration of the economic life during the last decades of the 13th century and the revival lasted during the 14th century. The town spread in territory and around the fortress living districts arose.
In 1366 the Bulgarian Czar Ivan Alexander submitted Varna to the Dobrudja ruler Dobrotitsa who announced it a capital of the Region.
Varna was a metropolitan center. Built were churches with the characteristic for the 13th 14th century ceramo-plastic decorations. Exhibited is a detail from the faade of the ruined St. George church, cornices and other stone ornaments decorated with floral elements and fabulous animals.
The ceramics from that period local and imported is exhibited in one of the bigger showcases. Exceptional with their aesthetic forms and style are the two sgraffito and relief decorated jugs.
Exhibited here are inscriptions on stone in Bulgarian and Greek language from the fortresses of Ovetch /Provadia/, Maglizh /by the village of Aksakovo/ and the one by the village of Nevsha.

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