The building was constructed for a Girls' High School in the period 1892 – 1898 after the project of the famous Bulgarian architect Petko Momtchilov. For many years there were rooms in the school showing the collections of the Varna Museum and from 1983 onwards the school building hosted the whole Museum exhibition. The architectural style is Late Baroque. The building comprises of basement area and two floors.  It is in the form of almost complete square with a spacious inner yard. Some of the halls and the corridors are decorated by wall paintings. A continuous corridor runs along the whole building leading you to the exhibition halls. The exhibition area of the Museum is 2 150 sq. m. not including the funds, the library and the Educational Children's Museum.
  A broad staircase on the southern facade takes you up into the foyer where the information kiosk and a booth for souvenirs and museum publications are situated. This is the communication point to the exhibition halls on the first and second floors, as well as to the basement area where the library and the Educational Children's Museum are.

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